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InterchangePlus Solutions offers processing solutions for a complete range of business types and situations. Our systems are designed to save you money and make the practical aspects of payment processing safe, fast and hassle-free for every industry we serve.

IPS not only gives you the opportunity to take advantage of our “interchange plus” MasterCard® and Visa® rates, but also support American Express®, Discover®, Diners Club®, debit, stored value, corporate cards, EBT cards, and emerging electronic payment options. Always with responsive service, and quick and reliable settlement to your financial institution.

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Consumers are now carrying plastic instead of paper, so it’s important for retailers to accommodate every potential customer that walks through the door. Whether they’re using credit, debit, EBT, check or gift cards, InterchangePlus Solutions wide range of processing services empowers you to extend that courtesy to your patrons, enabling more sales and assuring happier customers.


A large segment of our merchant base processes electronic transactions over the Internet through Authorize.Net, and InterchangePlus Solutions leads the way in eCommerce real-time card processing solutions. We offer you the most secure PCI compliant, affordable software available, with flexible options to best suit your business needs without disrupting your business flow. Plus, our online merchants enjoy online reporting, direct deposit and always superior service.


Our solutions provide your customers with comprehensive payment options and quick, reliable service so you’ll be their regular pit-stop wherever the road may take them. In addition to all standard and fuel-specific credit cards, we process the Wright Express® Universal Fleet Card, offering business fleet managers powerful control over spending, with robust tracking and reporting capabilities that save administrative time and expense. IPS offers full acceptance of this and other industry-leading fleet cards.


InterchangePlus Solutions provides you and your guests with the efficiency and outstanding service that’s expected in processing credit card transactions in hotels or other hospitality establishments. Whether or not the card is present, lodging merchants can get special rates on certain transactions, simply by providing check-in and check-out dates, duration of stay and other required information. IPS offers a number of solutions that guide the merchant step by step when entering this extra data.


When diners’ payment preferences are nearly as diverse as the dining choices, you need a processor that supports all the major payment options. That’s why restaurants, and other gratuity-friendly businesses depend on IPS’s flexible solutions. Our systems can provide tip-editing and individual server reporting capabilities, and integrate with all major restaurant management systems (or other hospitality Value Added Resellers) – without the need for additional equipment.

Mail Order/Telephone Order

InterchangePlus Solutions‘s expert card-not-present services provide mail order and telephone order (MOTO) merchants with dependable, secure, efficient payment processing designed to enhance cash flow – and profitability. We offer a variety of authorization options, reporting alternatives, electronic check processing and other opportunities to customize processing solutions.

Large Ticket Purchasing Card

Increasingly, businesses and government agencies are relying on purchasing cards to compensate their service providers and suppliers. Businesses benefit by receiving their funds quickly and by winning competitive bids and government contracts where purchasing cards are the required form of payment. IPS can assist you to qualify for the lowest rates for all types of Purchasing Cards, and we specialize in Large Tickets.

Financial Institutions

When banks, credit unions and other financial institutions need to offer commercial customers reliable, flexible credit card merchant accounts, InterchangePlus Solutions can make it possible. We have years of experience supporting hundreds of financial institutions and their merchants with the right solutions to affordably meet their needs.

Small Ticket

Retail businesses that carry small ticket items are often wary of merchant processing accounts due to pricing concerns. However, accepting credit/debit cards provides customers with additional convenience and encourages loyalty, ultimately improving the bottom line. Qualified merchants including Restaurants and Fast Food, News Dealers and Newsstands, Dry Cleaners, Car Washes, Movie Theaters, Taxicabs and Limousines may be eligible for this discounted pricing.


IPS merchants who provide certain utility services may qualify for special rate programs available through Visa and MasterCard. Each card provider has its own program and requirements to qualify for the special pricing, which InterchangePlus Solutions makes easy to implement and understand.

Gift Cards

InterchangePlus Solutions provides high quality gift card systems for merchants of any size, from single-store mom and pop shops to on-the-move, 100+ location franchises. We can help your business take advantage of the many cash-generating, brand loyalty, advertising and promotion benefits of what has become the most rapidly-growing merchant product of all time! The card acts as a miniature “billboard” in your customer’s wallet, and works simply by debiting pre-paid balances as the card is used – encouraging repeat visits and limiting cash refunds.