Mobile Commerce

Mobile Commerce

Process all major Credit Cards on your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch!

Option One: 3 in 1 Processing

Featuring Authorize.Net’s eCommerce Gateway!Mobile Commerce


With this option, your Merchant Account is set up as eCommerce or Mail Order.

  • Key Enter your sales on your iPhone
    • You may also purchase the optional swipe reader which increases the speed and efficiency of entering transactions
  • Key Enter your sales thru Authorize.Net’s Virtual Terminal
    • Accessible through any computer with Internet access
  • Website sales for eCommerce merchants
    • Your customers can purchase from you 24 hours a day from your shopping cart enabled eCommerce Website

Option Two: 2 in 1 Processing

Featuring the Authorize.Net’s RETAIL Gateway!

With this option, your SWIPED transactions are charged at the lowest Card Present rates since this Merchant Account will be set up as Retail.

  • Use the swipe reader to swipe cards on your iPhone or iPod Touch and authorize in seconds
    • Tap into the lowest “Card Present” Visa/MasterCard rates
  • Key Enter your phone sales through Authorize.Net’s Virtual Terminal or your iPad
    • Key entered transactions are charged at Card Not Present rates

IMPORTANT NOTE: With Option 2, you are not able to process transactions on your Website through a shopping cart.

No matter how you process, you’ll instantly know if the card is approved.


Free APP Download & No Additional Transaction Fees!

Updates of the iPhone Terminal are free through the APP Store.


  • Best-of-class security: full SSL encryption and keychain password protection
  • Safe: credit cards are verified as entered
  • Quick: single-screen entry makes processing credit cards a snap. Just type and go!
  • Address Verification (AVS) support with ZIP, street, and CVV fraud detection
  • Signature Capture: with electronic display online
  • Support for the following gateways:
    • Authorize.Net eCommerce Gateway
    • Authorize.Net Retail Gateway

All transactions are protected with SSL encryption. The iPhone Terminal does not store credit card numbers after the transmission is complete. Your Authorize.Net API Login ID and Transaction Key are stored using the Apple Keychain, which provides encryption and application isolation. We strongly recommend that you secure your iPhone by enabling Passcode Lock and Auto-Lock to prevent fraudulent transactions.


Credit Card Swiper for iPhone

Credit Card SwiperALL Swipe Readers: $59.00

Credit Card Swipe Readers:

• for iPhone 4

• for iPhone 3G/3GS

• for iPod Touch





Mini-USB Charge/Sync Cable (3ft)

USB LogoMini-USB for charging or syncing your iPhone or iPod touch while the Credit Card Swiper is connected. 3 feet long.

$9.00 — In Stock Now



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Our card swipe reader actually has no internal battery, instead drawing its power from your iPhone. It draws next to no power so you won’t decrease your iPhone’s battery life any appreciable amount. You CAN if you like use any standard MiniUSB cable to connect to the swipe reader while it’s connected to your phone so you can operate indefinitely.