Interchange Plus Pricing

For Established & Enterprise Clients

Interchange plus PASS THROUGH pricing is the least complex, fairest pricing model in the processing industry.

With interchange plus pricing, Merchant Account providers simply add an agreed upon markup above the actual cost to process a transaction. In other words, we PASS THROUGH the actual cost to process your transactions and add our markup to cover the cost of servicing, risk monitoring and revenue. That’s it. It may sound intimidating, but it’s really pretty simple.

Custom Proposal Request:

If you are currently processing more than $50,000 per month in Visa/MasterCard sales, please complete a Custom Proposal Request to see how much you can save with InterchangePlus Solutions.

We believe every merchant deserves full transparency in their rates and fees.

With interchange plus pricing from IPS, merchants simply get charged the actual cost to process the cards they accept. And this is perfectly clear right on your monthly statement. In addition, you’ll actually see the card types or categories being used at your businesses, which provides valuable insight into the demographics and payment preferences of your clients.

Level Playing Field: The fact is that every Processor, Merchant Account Provider, ISO, MSP, and Acquiring Bank is subject to the exact same Interchange fees.

Why is this important? Because interchange makes up the bulk of what merchants pay to accept Visa and MasterCard, and it allows a specialized processor like IPS to successfully compete with the largest banks! The fact is that many of our largest merchants converted to InterchangePlus Solutions from some of the largest processors in the business.

Please contact us for special Merchant Account pricing for your:

• Hospitality/Lodging - Special low interchange categories for Card Not Present bookings.
• Mobile Commerce - iPhone/iPad App for swiped & Card Not Present sales.
• Small Ticket Sales - Special interchange for Restaurants/Car Wash/Taxi/Dry, Cleaners etc.
• Non Profits - Special LOW interchange categories for Non Profits.

If you would like more information about interchange plus pricing for your business, please give us a call toll free (888-573-7587), or email us at