Dydacomp – M.O.M.

Now is the time to review whether or not you can realize significant savings on your Visa/MasterCard processing with interchange-plus pricing. You may have worked with Dydacomp or another provider in the past to look for potential savings in merchant processing but we have a new solution that could make taking another look worthwhile. Dydacomp has entered into relationship with InterchangePlus Solutions (IPS), the only processor in the US that focuses exclusively on high volume processing merchants that fit a typical M.O.M. client profile.For over 10 years, Dydacomp has worked with the management team at IPS, saving money for MOM clients doing credit card processing. The IPS management team, including a former executive from Authorize.Net, are experts in the field and are now offering new solutions tailored for the M.O.M. community at highly competitive rates.

If you are interested in receiving a custom analysis of your current merchant account compared to what InterchangePlus Solutions can offer you, simply give me a call using the information below or contact the IPS VP of Operations Shaun Cunningham at 888-573-7587 ext 102 or shaun@interchangeps.com and identify yourself as a Dydacomp customer. Either way, Dydacomp and IPS will be happy to assist you.

Not only are we aiming to reduce your credit card processing fees, but because IPS is intimately familiar with Dydacomp and M.O.M., there will be no down time, the conversion can happen transparently on any overnight period to make the transition as simple as possible. Your existing Authorize.Net account with your current Login ID, Password, Transaction Key and MOM integration will not be affected in any way.

Thank you

Michael Nardini
VP Customer Satisfaction

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P: 800.858.3666 ext. 235 F: 973.695.1991 E:mike.n@dydacomp.com